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Wooden log homes are a beautiful place to live in and eco-friendly too. they are a different breed of homes, offering you the best features and designs at affordable rates and adding more life.

Trails Of Winneshiek as a company, offer many solutions to those who wish to have a log home/cabin/shed. We offer quality materials that bind old-age techniques using modern tools, cutting edge designs and templates.

We are here since decade's and know the best of woods, which works best for the situation and region. Based on the region you live, selecting the wood will help in staying longer. Everything required to have a log home is available with us, be it the right kind of pre-cut woods or the contractor's contact, we have it all.

We offer kits also- for DIY makers. We offer classes to help you understand the process better and help you build your space with all your own imaginations. We offer classes in learning to handle those tools and fixing any issues.

Learning to build a home without a kit is also on our service list. While using kit gives a different experience, building from scratch gives a wholesome experience. To make it memorable we help you in everything, letting you know the basics of log homes, how to build, what goes in and what's best.

Our classes are conducted by professional trainers who are experienced in such projects. If you need any further customisation or a particular type of wood, we are glad to fulfil your needs at any point of time.

Our woods are treated for any pests or other creatures that dwell on woods. In the case of such occurrences, we offer services to our projects and others too, Real estate rights and registration in the USA helping you keep your space free from pests and termites –since wood attracts such creatures.

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