Building A Log Cabin-DIY Kits Or From Scratch

Log homes are gaining more popularity again for its closeness to Mother Nature and being more convenient than regular concrete homes. There are numerous benefits of this log cabins.

Wanting to construct a log home/cabin for you too? Looking out for some ideas? Well, there are even kits available to build your log home from the builders. Or if you wish to build everything right from scratch, well you can go ahead. But, before taking up the tasks, read its pros and cons and know more about them.

A small cabin that can be used as a store room, or a little spacious room that can be used as a room to hang out with friends, Treasury says China isn't a currency manipulator – which should be ... log cabins can be customised to anything.

Before you plan to construct this easy home, first analyse the requirements. Analyse its purpose – used for storing or living? Or is it a hobby space, which requires more space to keep things and work on? Or do you think of keeping the room as kids play area? Play space? Does it require electricity and water facilities? With these things in mind, you must chart out a plan.

Before starting with plan work, you must get approval or permission for the same from the local municipality or apartments association. Have a talk about what is good and can be done, what needs modification and others!

Next stage is deciding where the property will lie, in which part of your property area? Drainage lines and property lines should be considered. Taking the measurements into consideration, you can now start thinking about construction. There are 3 ways- Buy a Kit and DIY another one is do everything yourself from scratch, or give the task to any of the builders.  Giving to the builders is the last step to think of, while you have other options to try out.

Building using Kit:

The log cabin kits are sold by producers, they are small in size and come with all necessary materials to help you build a cabin. Many companies- big and small offer you these kits. Not just cabins, but sheds, guest houses and bunkhouses kits are also available.

Each kit contains all the materials essential for a cabin/shed. They are like ‘one-stop’ solution to your cabin needs. You needn’t roam around to buy things from various stores. With this kit, you are ready to go build your home at the time convenient to you and live peacefully with the happiness of self-built project.

What does the kit include?

Kit has pre-cut materials, making the work easier for that DIY lover. You can even enquire at the shop if they will customise as per your requirements. Many suppliers also supply a fully built shed/cabin if you are staying in the vicinity. These kits are available online too, and they will be door delivered. Before ordering online, be sure to keep the necessary unloading options in place, to avoid delays and unnecessary worries at the last moment.

Skills you need:

Before opting for DIY projects, just ensure that you know certain basic things to work with. Like knowing the tools required for it, finding any missing component (if any) and able to work is important. Knowing the using of tools are essential for this type of project, it may involve some manual work. The list of tools required is most of the times provided in the kit or mentioned while buying it. So look for the details and be prepared. Or you may take the help of a contractor and get the job done.

Building from the scratch:

Now, comes the hard part. If you want to build from scratch, then there are no worries when you know what you need and to handle them with ease.

Plans are important, for any project. They are essential for the building. You may find few plans online; log cabin plans are available online. Or you may take the help of a local contractor and request them to draw a plan for you.
After the plans, you need to purchase these logs. Find the best kind of logs that are easier to work with and easy to maintain too. Then start building them with the help of online tutorials or friends help or last help-contractors.
Choose the plans that work best for you! Anyways they form a good place to live in.

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